Веги KERN ABJ 220-4NM (2-й кл., НПВ 220 г, 0,0001 гр.)
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Scales KERN ABS 120-4N (2nd class, NIP 120 g, tsd 0.0001 g)

45 175 грн

Product Description

Production Germany

Warranty 1 year.
State Register of SIT of Ukraine No. U2415-07.
ABS models - external calibration (kettlebells are not included)
Models ABJ - internal device of automatic adjustment.
Platform n / w = 80 mm.
Load scale. Luminescent diagram showing the value of the current weight relative to the weighing range.
Identification number 4-digit, freely programmable with 2 keys.
Ability to switch from g to carat.
LCD display with backlight and 14 mm high digits.
The metal case is durable and stable.
The dimensions of the scales are WxDxH 225x315x330 mm. Space for weighing WxDxV 200x170x240 mm. Weight without packing about 7kg.
The permissible ambient temperature is + 10 ... + 30 ° C.

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