Drying cabinet UF30
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Drying cabinet UF30

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Product Description

Features of MEMMERT UF30 drying cabinet

         Textured Stainless Steel Case
         Intelligent control panel ControlCOCKPIT SingleDISPLAY with one display
         Digital timer, adjustable in the range from 1 min to 99 days
         Preheating the air before entering the chamber
         Adjusting the air supply with the flap in steps of 10%
         Forced air circulation in the chamber
         The accuracy of setting the temperature is not lower than 0.1K (up to 99.9 ° C) and 0.5K (over 100 ° C)
         Grating shelves made of stainless steel (1pc as standard)
         Dual protection against overheating
         Three-year warranty on the device (excluding wearing parts)

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