RULES podarochnыh Using Certificates

in the company "Venta Lab"

rule 1

Podarochnыy certificate - materyalnыy carrier in techenye Sroka ego action daet vladeltsu Get the right product in the company "Venta Lab" deystvytelnыmy at the time of obtaining goods, Global stoymostyu, Equal Face value podarochnoho certificate.
* Under the purchase podarochnoho certificate ymeetsya podarochnoho Getting a type certificate from the company "Syngenta".

rule 2

Podarochnыy not javljaetsja platezhnыm certificate or document tsennoy bumahoy. Podarochnыy certificate vыpuschen polyhrafycheskym way in form of a card, the obratnoy side kotoroj spraying ee shtryhovoy code.

rule 3

NomynalPodarunkovohosertyfykatavkazuetsyavhryvnyahtadoryvnyueyohovartosty.NomynalyPodarunkovyh Certificates "500hryven" "1000hryven", "2000 hryvnias", "5000hryven" "10000hryven" "25000hryven" "50000hryven" and "100000hryven."

rule 4

When Using Certificates podarochnoho visitors' Could polzovatsya second shares, discounts and specials. Offers signature "Venta Lab."

rule 5

Valid time podarochnoho certificate - with the purchase of a moment of ego to datы, ukazannoy on podarochnыy certificate.

rule 6

In cases If a techenye Valid time podarochnoho certificate will not be realyzovano right to Getting goods to Limit Face value podarochnoho certificate, the commitment the company "Venta Lab" prekraschayutsya and Amount, uplachennaya for Podarochnыy certificate remains in rasporyazhenyy signature "Venta Lab" and the return is not podlezhyt . Predъyavytel podarochnoho certificate teryaet right to ego Using in accordance with the Rules of the village by this datы 00:00 hours, follows poslednym per day Valid time podarochnoho certificate.
* In cases otdelnыh predъyavytel certificate ymeet Ability prodlyt ego term. To do this, emu Nuzhny be contacted representatives of the company "Syngenta".

rule 7

Can Podarochnыy certificate bыt yspolzovan neohranychennoe Quantity sovershenyy time you purchase a certificate techenye Valid time.

rule 8

Implementation shopping on podarochnыm certificate happening on the site signature "Venta Lab», in zayavkuyu ​​to the company "Venta Lab" (Ring a telephone or e-mail writing) or at the office signature "Venta Lab." Need a certificate Predъyavytelyu bring to the site, to say on the phone (+380503402897) or Display shtryhovoy code to actually sertyfykate.

rule 9

Podarochnыy certificate not javljaetsja ymennыm: Require certificate podarochnыy How Can charge, personally pryobrela ego, and so dear Another charge, kotoroe predъyavylo podarochnыy certificate to the company "Venta Lab."

rule 10

If The cost of the goods Face value less podarochnoho certificate, certificate remnant on ostayutsya sleduyuschye to purchase. If The cost of the goods prevыshaet Face value podarochnoho certificate, his predъyavytel doplachyvaet Difference Between Face value podarochnoho certificate and the goods stoymostyu putem beznalychnoho calculation.

rule 11

Return and exchange of goods, with pryobretennыh Using podarochnoho certificate, osuschestvlyayutsya a general manner predusmotrennom deystvuyuschym legislation of Ukraine (Law of Ukraine "On Protection Against Rights consumers").

rule 12

Podarochnыy certificate not podlezhyt Back and Return exchange for denezhnыy эkvyvalent.

rule 13

In cases of loss of Podarochnыy not podlezhyt recovery certificate.

rule 14

LLC "Venta Lab" ymeet right not Accept Podarochnыy certificate in sluchae somnenyy occurrence in the ego podlynnosty or availability povrezhdenyy podarochnoho certificate, about something nemedlenno soobschaetsya predъyavytel latter.

rule 15

Acquisition and / or certificate Using podarochnoho svydetelstvuet about oznakomlenyy and consent vladeltsa / s predъyavytelya эtymy Rules.