N-tester YARA
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N-tester YARA

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Manual nitrogen sensor on sheet (KONICA MINOLTA, Japan)
N-tester is a portable device designed to determine the level of nitrogen nutrition of plants by the content of chlorophyll in leaves, directly in the field, without the se of auxiliary tools.

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 A non-invasive (non-destructive) measurement method (ie, without taking a sample for laboratory analysis), it is sufficient to place a plant leaf in the device clamp in order to obtain data on the chlorophyll content (from 0 to 99.9) within two seconds.
N-tester is the "eyes" of the agronomist in the process of growing agriculture. Cultures, allows him to follow the dynamics of nitrogen nutrition of the plant during the vegetation and, with his help, promptly determine the necessity and timeliness of nitrogen fertilizing in order to rationally use fertilizers, and at the same time to obtain the maximum possible yield from each specific field.
The need for nitrogen fertilization is never constant and can vary considerably from year to year and depending on the site. Only by dividing N fertilizer by 3-4 doses, it is possible to select the optimal N-fertilizer for each plot for each year, depending on the actual requirements of the plants.
Plant analysis with YARA N-Tester gives you valuable information on the actual nutritional status of your plants. From this measurement, the optimal amount of N-fertilizer can be accurately deduced before the date of germination and sprouting from grain crops.
Proper planning and organization of nitrogen nutrition of culture, allows you to get a significant increase in the quality of grain.
Express diagnostics by the N-tester instrument in comparison with chemical diagnostics has a number of advantages:
1. One measurement is carried out quickly, it is enough %D0%91%D0%B5%D0%B7%20%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%B5%1, 5 min;
2. Simply - for the diagnosis is enough to scan thirty leaf blades in the field, and the technique of rapid diagnostic is easily accessible and does not require a long training of specialists;
3. Reliable - there is a strong correlation between chlorophyll and nitrogen content in the leaves in the "critical" phases of growth and development of crops, which provides high accuracy in the diagnosis of nitrogen nutrition;
4. Environmentally - the device "N-Tester" is already used by farmers in many developed countries of Western Europe, the Russian Federation, the United States. This is due to the reduction of the excess nitrogen load on agrobiocenosis and, accordingly, the improvement of the ecology of the environment.
Application of the device "N-Tester" adopted at the state level in Western Europe, USA.
This device is becoming increasingly popular in Russia, due to the possibility of accurate and economically feasible application of doses of nitrogen fertilizers, depending on the physiological needs of crops.

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